10th Annual John Young History Maker Celebration


Upcoming Exhibits and Events:

And Still We Rise: Race, Culture and Visual Conversations Exhibition Feb. 7 - May 3, 2015
• This exhibit showcases 69 story quilts made by more than 60 artists, all of which tell stories from nearly four centuries of African American history; from the first slave ships to the first African American President.

Video: The Artists of And Still We Rise: Race, Culture and Visual Conversations

The Art of the Highwaymen Jan. 15 - March 22, 2015
• Experience the beauty of the Highwaymen Paintings, not just for the stunning landscapes of Florida, but also for their true rags to riches story; one that began in the trunk of a car, but now finds itself in prestigious museums.

Long Way to the Top: Hard Rock in Orlando, 1977-1985 Exhibition April 4 - May 31, 2015
• In the late 1970s and early ‘80s, Orlando shook off the disco fad and cemented its place as a rock and roll town. Big name rock acts played at venues like the Tangerine Bowl’s Rock Superbowl – and big names recorded and mixed their tracks here, too. Recording studios like Bee Jay Records drew heavy-hitting rock acts to Orlando, and Central Floridians came to the shows in droves.

Explore yesterday’s concert venues and the state-of-the-art Bee Jay Recording Studios, where major bands like Judas Priest and Molly Hatchet mixed platinum records. See vintage recording studio relics and artifacts of Orlando’s rock and roll history. Experiment with tracks on an interactive mixing board.
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Located in the heart of downtown Orlando, the History Center offers four floors of dynamic permanent exhibits exploring 12,000 years of Central Florida history. The smart, surprising fun continues with limited-run and nationally-run traveling exhibitions scheduled throughout the year.

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