Lunch & Learn with Patricia Charpentier "Eating an Elephant: Write Your Life One Bite at a Time"
Upcoming Event

Tuesday, December 11, Noon-1 p.m.

Find inspiration from your past to tell the story of your life. Join Patricia Charpentier, author of “Eating an Elephant: Write Your Life One Bite at a Time” as she explains how to tackle such a daunting project, and why it’s important to do so. She breaks down the memoir writing process step-by-step so that it can be fun, easy, and fascinating. Hear Charpentier’s own story and how it shaped her opinion about the importance of leaving behind a memoir for your loved ones.
Charpentier graduated from the University of Central Florida with an M.A. in creative writing and has motivated others to tell their stories through ghostwriting, co-authoring, editing, teaching, and speaking. She has published three other booklets on life story writing and teaches workshops and classes. She is currently an artist in residence at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Orlando working with patients.
Noon-1 p.m. Free. Lunches available for pre-order from Deli 111 for $8 per person.
Space is limited. Call (407) 836-7010 to register.