Seminole Wars: The Fight for Florida
Florida resembled a battlefield during much of the first half of the 19th century when Seminoles and Americans fought for the same land. The Seminole Wars: The Fight for Florida recounts the three Seminole Wars and the generals and warriors who matched wits and weapons in the jungle-like terrain of Florida's interior. The goal of the exhibit is to create a better understanding of the personal sacrifice, hardship, courage, and foibles demonstrated by leaders during war.

Visitors can fill a military supply wagon, try on army uniforms, feel the 30 lb. weight of a soldier's pack, and hear how soldiers may have viewed their experience.


24 text panels
34 images
2 large graphics
Listening station
Floor map of military trails
Backpack lift
Uniform try-on area
Military supply wagon with removable supplies
4 Fort Doors
Paneling available for fort interior

Space Requirements

550 square feet

Security Requirements



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Contact Information

Traveling Exhibition Coordinator
Emilie Arnold
(407) 836-8519