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Storytellers (1996-2013) from the Crealdé School of Art

The Orange County Regional History Center is honored to present a unique exhibit of storytelling through black and white photography. Taken from the perspective of Central Florida’s youth, Storytellers (1996-2013) is sure to open your eyes and bring a sense of nostalgia to your hearts.

There is always more than one version to a story…Central Florida is home to a diverse community of unique young artists who tell their life stories from a visual perspective.  Through the lens of their cameras, these young photographers capture their vision of community, neighborhood, family, and place in history. Picture by picture they are channeling their world and giving insight into an ever transforming Central Florida.

Since 1996, the Crealdé School of Art has established a creative program where students learn to use professional cameras to capture and document their everyday lives. From the click of the shutter, students undergo assignments that aim to cultivate their talent in film. Start to finish, they take their own photos, develop the film, and print their photographs in Crealdé’s darkroom facilities. The exhibit highlights the end work of these young photographers. Viewers will get a firsthand account of how students gathered information about their subjects and worked with instructors to develop picture ideas.

Open now to the public, Storytellers, is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience and connect with young artists of Central Florida. More than photos, the exhibit is a visual conversation that will engage you and create a new perspective of your own.