Lesson Plans
The History Center provides valuable resources that assist teachers in helping students succeed. The following lesson plans are designed for use before and after visiting The History Center. Lessons correlate with exhibit themes presented throughout The History Center and meet Sunshine State Standards and grade level expectations.

To help prepare for one of the following lessons or your field trip, consider visiting The History Center on your own. Please remember that teachers are always admitted for free with a valid school ID.

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General Museum and History Studies
Grades K-2 - More Likely or Less Likely
Grades 3-5 - Studying Artifacts
Grades 6-8 - Living Memories

Natural Environment
Grades K-2 - Florida's Funny Animals
Grades 3-5 - Sinkhole's Cause and Effect
Grades 6-8 - Florida Aquifer

First People's and Europeans
Grades K-2 - What Did They Eat?
Grades 3-5 - Florida After the Age of Discovery

Grades K-2 - Comparing Native American Appearances
Grades 3-5 - Comparing Native American Buildings
Grades 6-8 - Creating Political Cartoons-Seminole Wars

Pioneers and Cattle
Grades K-2 - Pioneer Toys
Grades 3-5 - Pioneer Life Versus Life Today
Grades 6-8 - Pioneer Life

Industry and Transportation
Grades K-2 - Changes in Transportation
Grades 3-5 - A Journey on the St. Johns River
Grades 6-8 - Comparing Tourism Over Time

Judicial System
Grades 3-8 - Courtroom Duties

African Americans in Central Florida
Grades 6-8 - Writing to Reflect on African American History
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