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Do you remember the first time you went on a field trip, rode a school bus, or saw a fountain? Often, it’s the first time we experience something that has the greatest impact; it can change our entire perspective on the world.
At the Orange County Regional History Center, we believe it’s our responsibility to be a positive influence on the hearts and minds of those who visit us, especially our children who are the future of our community. Abigail Bragg, a second grade teacher at Grand Avenue Elementary School, says it best:
Every aspect of the field trip to the History Center provides immeasurable learning opportunities for our students…just the bus ride alone – out of the neighborhood – was larger than life as many of our families don’t have cars and have never left their immediate area…before, many of the students would blankly look at a picture of a fountain and call it a pond or a waterfall. Without the opportunity to enjoy the fountain…they would not have the meaningful, intentional conversation about the fountain…. One of my students summed it up best when he said with a huge smile, “Ms. Bragg, today was the best day ever!”
It’s not really about the fountain, or the building, or the bus; it’s about the experience. It’s about offering an opportunity for our children to explore their community and expand their dreams. It’s about building a foundation that allows every child an opportunity to grow and be successful through experiences that will change their hearts and minds.  This last school year, we served more than 9,000 children just through field trips, more than half were able to participate only because of your generosity. This year we expect to see more than 136,000 people experience the History Center and have their “best day ever!”
Your support is a vital part of expanding the imagination and dreams of our children and helping them to Honor the Past, Explore the Present and Shape the Future.

We believe in the History Center and its programs.  We ask you to support us through your tax-deductible contribution and shape the future of our children.
Thank you for your time and generosity,
Andrew Finkelstein                                        Sara Van Arsdel
President of the Board                                   Executive Director
Historical Society of Central Florida                  Orange County Regional History Center